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Haptic Paradigm x Kontinuum: Application Support

Below are links to audio samples from C Lavender and Chloe Alexandra Thompson that represent the work that they are will integrate into the Haptic Paradigm x Kontinuum project.

C Lavender

Live at Issue Project room - A/V piece with guided meditations for the audience

Meditative track for RVNG Intl compilation LGBTQ benefit comp, premiered at MoogFest 2017


Chloe Alexandra Thompson

1 minute preview of a past iteration for Haptic Paradigm, featuring visuals by Brenna Murphy (MSHR).

Trailer for Morié, an A/V project using MaxMSP.

Latent for Beacon Sound, a generative composition built with MaxMSP.


Black background, white text reads "Haptic Paradigm, Learn more about this project" in a pixel based
Haptic-Paradigm-Kontinuum: About
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